Outdoor Portable Flexi Fountain

Providing liquids to hot and thirsty players can be a costly and difficult challenge. Designed to answer the needs of parks, playing fields, and outdoor events without drinking fountains; the outdoor portable Flexi Fountain provides fresh drinking water for multiple sports and events: football, soccer, tennis, softball, baseball, cross country, summer camps, booster club events, marathons, special outdoor celebrations, child care and school playgrounds, or any setting.

Outdoor drinking water … where you want it, when you want it.

If you have access to an outside spigot, you’re ready to go. With environmental and economic constraints, permanently installed outside drinking fountains may not be an option and plastic water bottles are filling our landfills.

Flexi Fountain by Waterboy Sports provides an economical, portable, environmentally friendly solution.

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We believe we have a refreshing solution made just for you.


photo courtesy of Cope Environmental Center Centerville, Indiana

photo courtesy of
Cope Environmental Center
Centerville, Indiana